American Flyer Buildings

Toy IndexProduct 
100Universal Track Clip
160Station Platform
163Flyerville Station
164Red Barn
165Grain Elevator
167Town Hall
23586Wayside Station
23589Passenger and Freight Station
23598Talking Station Record
23599Talking Station Record
23758Sam the Semaphore Man
23771Stockyard and Car
23779Oil Drum Loader
23780Gabe the Lamplighter
23785Coal Loader
23786Talking Station
23787Log Loader
23788Suburban Station
23789Station and Baggage Smasher
23791Cow on Track
23830Piggyback Unloader
270American Flyer News Stand 270
271Three Piece Whistle Stop Set
272Glendale Station and News Stand
273Suburban Railroad Station
274Harbor Junction Freight Station
275Eureka Diner
50District School
583Electro Magnet Crane
583AElectro Magnet Crane
585American Flyer Tool Shed 585
586FWayside Station with Figures
589Passenger and Freight Station
612Freight and Passenger Station with Crane
751Log Loader
751ALog Loader
752Seaboard Coaler
752ASeaboard Coaler
755Talking Station
764Express Office
766Animated Station and Car
767Roadside Diner
768Oil Supply DepotShell
768Oil Supply DepotGulf
770Loading Platform
771Stockyard and CarMissouri Pacific
775Loading Platform and Car
779Oil Drum Loader
784Hump Yard Set
785Coal Loader
787Log Loader
788Suburban Station
789Station and Baggage Smasher
792Train Shed
793Union Station
794Union Station
795Union Station and Train Shed
799Talking Union Station
K766Knuckle Coupler Car and Animated StationNew Haven
K771Knuckle Coupler Car and StockyardMissouri Pacific
K775Knuckle Coupler Car and Loading Platform