American Flyer Street Lamps

From the acquisition of the American Flyer train product line in 1938, the A. C. Gilbert Company included street lamps in the cataloged product line. Carryover products from the American Flyer Manufacturing Company were included in the first Gilbert American Flyer catalogs. Then Gilbert designs moved in and the Chicago Flyer designs were phased out. The die cast lamp posts gave way to plastic from the Colber Company in the early 1950’s followed by Gilbert’s own plastic lamp post design. The lamp posts accompanied the Union Station in a couple of configurations in 1954, but otherwise the lamp posts were sold independent of other accessories. Lastly the dummy lamp posts came with the All Aboard system in 1965 and 1966 but were simply molded plastic pieces and did not actually light. The toy production was suspended during the World War II and was resumed after the war. The production continued till 1966. The Gilbert American Flyer HO product line included lamp posts in the cataloged products that were produced by Ideal and came in two types with a kit form of the second type cataloged as well.

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23778Streetlamp Set
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579American Flyer Street Light 579
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