Gilbert American Flyer Number 289 Locomotive

Feb 22, 2019


Uncataloged: 1956

Pacific type steam locomotive: Wheel arrangement 4-6-2

Prototype: USRA Pacific—curiously, none were owned by the Chicago North Western

Road Name: Chicago North Western

Materials and Features: Boiler Shell is one-piece plastic with a knuckle coupler. The tender is the one-piece plastic body with a sheet metal chassis, and it contains the reverse unit and the whistle electronics.

This is a version of this locomotive without smoke or choo-choo. It features a basic motor, headlight, and Pull-Mor traction, plus the electronic whistle.


The C&NW number 289 continues the series using this boiler shell. It is well-proportioned in appearance and operates reliably. This version in the series includes a knuckle coupler and a plastic molded tender shell.

In 1956, it came in set 1154, which seems to be in the number series for sets offered by Sears.

Other numbers on this same locomotive body include 282, 283, 285 and 287. The 285 is equipped with the air chime whistle, whereas the 283 is a full featured locomotive with smoke and choo-choo although without whistle. The 287 is a bare bones version lacking smoke and choo choo.

Gilbert did not provide service and parts information for the 289 but a combination of the 287 and 285 would cover all of the parts.