American Flyer Lines Black 581 Girder Bridge

no idea what this means - needs explanation
St. Louis, MO
$ 3.00
$ 3.00

Poor condition, the stakings on the side girders to the floor pan are loose. Lots of edge wear on the girders, scratches on the base. Decal is intact.

AF 581 Bridge P1

I would change "Toy Name" Brand and Catalog Number as that is how the collectors discuss their items. i.e. American Flyer 581 Girder Bridge. For this particular item the color and printing on the sides are important. Color can be black or silver.. Printing can be Lackawanna, American Flyer, or American Flyer Lines and printing color can be black, white or silver. Usually there are a limited number of specific item descriptions and some are mutually exclusive. For example if silver and Lackawanna, then the printing must be black..