Gilbert American Flyer Number 302 Locomotive

gilbert american flyer 302


Cataloged: 1948, 1953

Atlantic type steam locomotive: Wheel arrangement 4-4-2

Prototype: Reading Railroad Atlantic

Road Name: Reading Lines

Materials and Features: The 1948 version shown above boiler shell is four piece die cast and contains the reverse unit. The tender is sheet metal and is equipped with a link coupler. The 1953 version has a one piece plastic boiler and a plastic tender equipped with a link coupler. The reverse unit is in the tender. There is some confusion with the catalog listings as the catalog pictures show the 302AC in 1951 and 1952 while the descriptions state 302. This description is using the picture identification.


The 302 continues the Atlantic locomotive series that started with the 3/16s scale O gauge product line before WW II with the number 565. It is the entry level steam locomotive and came in the least expensive sets.

1948: Set numbers 4801A and 4803A

1953: Set number 5311T and 5312T

Other numbers on this same locomotive series include 299, 300, 300 AC, 301, 302 AC, 303, 305, 307, 308, 21100, 21105, 21106, 21107, 21160, and 21161.

This locomotive series was typically used in the least expensive sets offered by Gilbert American Flyer. Most had limited features. The 303 was equipped with smoke and choo choo. The 305 was to have the electronic whistle but was not manufactured.

The Service Manual listed for the 302 1948 version is M2821 and for the 1953 version is Form 1810.