Operating Cars

Dump Cars

Dump Car Description
American Flyer Dump Car 919 Gilbert produced the American Flyer Operating Dump Car from 1953 to 1956. The car was designed to simulate a coal dump car. The operator would pull the car up using a locomotive would use a track clip and remote control button to activate the car.

Log Loaders

Log Loader Description
American Flyer Log Loader 787 The American Flyer Log Loader 787 train is designed for continuous action to provide animation on the layout. It can have logs delivered by one of the remote control log unloading cars, then reload the logs into a waiting freight car. It can also be hand loaded with fresh supplies of logs.

Rocket Launchers

Rocket Launcher Description
American Flyer Rocket Launcher 25045 The American Flyer Rocket Launcher 25045 was produced from 1957 to 1960 and was considered a flat car with a knuckle coupler.The car came with an operating car trip and a remote control button. As the train pulled up the operator would push the button and the rocket would launch.

Coal Loaders

Coal Loader Description
American Flyer Coal Loader 752A & 785 American Flyer Accessory 752A and 785 Coal Loader was considered an Operating Accessory. Operating Accessories were very interesting Gilbert pieces. Often times these models include complex mechanical and signalling components and were designed to make the train layouts even more realistic.
American Flyer Coal Loader 35780

Lumber Unloading Cars

Lumber Car Description
American Flyer Lumber Unloading Car 971 & 25016 The American Flyer Lumber Car 971 came with a push button, Automatic Track rail and often went with the Moe & Joes Unloading platform. The operating accessory was produced in 1956 and 1957.

Oil Drum Loader

Oil Drum Loader Description
American Flyer Oil Drum Loader 779 The American Flyer No. 779 Oil Drum Loader is one of the more fascinating Gilbert accessories. Featuring continuous action (as long as the oil drums are removed from the destination car and reloaded into the feed ramp), the “fork lift” shuttles back and forth from the loading ramp to the gondola parked on a siding next to the Loader.