It’s time to dust off your old unused train toys and get it rolling –

Put you toy under hammer at and get the best value of it.

Welcome to the TrainDR Auctions

TrainDR strives to make auctioning your train collectibles simple, efficient, profitable and fun. First, make sure you have registered on the site and you are currently logged in.

TrainDR Auctions Features

  • 100% focused on the toy train community
  • Ability to Auction directly from your collections ( if you are a TrainDR Collectors member ).
  • If you have a bulk of toys, you can set up your own store with your logo and banner.
  • No hefty commissions and cuts. No hidden charges. You pay a flat fee of $2.00 per item when your listed item is sold!

The site provides for two methods for auctioning your trains.

  1. Direct From Collection – If you are also using TrainDR to store pictures, details, etc. in the Collectors module – you can simply click auction item and the item will be moved directly over to the auction site.
  2. New Listing – To create a new listing go to the Seller Dashboard.

How to be a seller

  1. Register with us – create an account.
  2. Log in.
  3. Fill up the seller application form in the Seller Dashboard.
    • Provide a name for your store, a store description, a bit of info and your phone number.
    • In the payment section, add your PayPal email address – where we send you money you receive from auction of your toys.
    • (Optional) In the shipping section, add an amount you would like to charge auction winner for shipping of your product. You have options to turn national and international shipping ‘On’ or ‘Off’. In absence of any input, winners won’t be charged shipping costs.
  4. Apply to be a seller (Submit).
  5. Once we receive your application, we will review the info provided by you. We will send you a mail on activation of your seller account. When approved, you can easily put up items for auctions with pictures through Seller Dashboard.

Do you have a bulk of toys for listing? Write to us for a dedicated store setup.