American Flyer Bridges

Bridge Description
American Flyer Overhead Foot Bridge 748 In 1951 Gilbert established a relationship with the Colber Corporation that resulted in many of the Colber toy train accessories being cataloged in the American Flyer consumer catalogs. The No. 748 Overhead Foot Bridge provided a method for American Flyer pedestrians to safely cross the tracks.
American Flyer Single Trestle Bridge 753 The Gilbert American Flyer Single Trestle Bridge 753 was only cataloged in 1952. It was one of several products manufactured by the Colber Company and cataloged by Gilbert. The Colber version and the Gilbert version are identical with the exception of a decal indicating who sold the bridge.
American Flyer Single Span Bridge No. 1 and Trestle Bridge No .2 Both the No. 1 and No. 2 bridges were introduced to the 1938 Gilbert American Flyer train product line and show the beginning of the Gilbert influence on American Flyer by using Erector set parts.
American Flyer Double Trestle Bridge 754 The Gilbert American Flyer No. 754 Double Trestle Bridge was one of the products manufactured by the Colber Company for Gilbert. Only cataloged in 1950, 1951 and 1952 it provided the only dual track bridge offered by Gilbert American Flyer for the S gauge train line.