Train Set

Train Set Description
American Flyer Train Set 48T The first American Flyer Set produced also came with track, an uncoupler, and a transformer. The “T” in the set number indicated that a transformer was included. The set was cataloged in 1948 and 1949 and several un-cataloged versions also exist.
American Flyer Locomotive 342 Nickel Plate Road 0-8-0 Switcher
American Flyer Train Set 490T Gilbert American Flyer made the American Flyer Train Set 490T for the first time in 1949. It was in the 1949 catalog and then issued again in 1950. The set represented a 3 car Atlantic freight train with a transformer and track that could make a small loop.
American Flyer Train Set 501T The Gilbert American Flyer Train Set 501T Atlantic was the cheapest train set with smoking unit and choo choo you could buy in 1951. The set featured an Atlantic type locomotive.
American Flyer Train Set 590T Atlantic Three Car Freight The American Flyer 590T Train Set was also referred to as the Atlantic Three Car Freight train set. The Atlantic refers to the type of Locomotive.