American Flyer Double Lamp Post 233

From the acquisition of the American Flyer train product line in 1938, the A. C. Gilbert Company included street lamps in the cataloged product line. Several models were developed over the years along with those inherited from the American Flyer Manufacturing Company in Chicago. The first street lights cataloged were the No. 233 and No. 2210 carryovers from Chicago Flyer. The first Gilbert American Flyer designs were the No. 579 Single bulb and No. 580 Dual bulb street lamps which entered the catalog in 1940.

After the World War II suspension of toy production, Gilbert American Flyer continued the cataloging of the No. 579 and No. 580 lamp posts. These die cast metal lamp posts were added to with plastic lamp posts and in the final two years of production, the All Aboard panels had dummy lamp posts as part of the scenic panels.


American Flyer Double Lamp Post - 1938The American Flyer 233 Double Lamp Post With Two Lights was carried over from the Chicago Flyer products when Gilbert acquired the product line in 1938. Fabricated with sheet metal and enamel painted, these street lamps complimented the smaller O gauge series of trains.


American Flyer Double Lamp Post - 1939The Gilbert Light 233 Double Lamp Post continued in the 1939 catalog (without the redundant description. This lamp was a better size for the 3/16” trains.

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