American Flyer Remote Control Whistle 577

American Flyer Remote Control Whistle 577

American Flyer Remote Control Whistle 577

The 577 whistle was produced in 1947 through 1950 and had a green metal base. The whistle was different from later years as Gilbert began to move towards plastic materials. The picture on the sign was one of several including the Royal Typewriter company, Ringling Bros Circus, Fox Mart, and American Flyer Trains. The whistle came with an operating button and was hooked up to a transformer for the model railroader.

Gilbert produced approximately 11 different type of whistles and/or billboards. They included:

The primary whistle differences were a whistle vs. a horn and the billboard imagery. Often times the billboard pictures featured other Gilbert products such as erector sets or chemistry sets. The American Flyer Whistle 577 was a fairly normal version of the American Flyer Whistles.

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  1. Bill

    I purchased a AF whistling billboard #377 that was disassembled and in a bag of loose pieces. I have reassembled it but have what appears to be 2 rubber washers are still not assembled due to their condition. I have some rubber o’rings that would be a good replacement but would like to know if these were originally between the motor and the frame to reduce vibration from the motor? That’s all I can I can figure.

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