American Flyer Locomotive 312

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17¾″ long. Pennsylvania 4-6-2. Six drive wheels, 4 wheel pony, 2 wheel booster trucks. Eccentric arm triple action piston rods, side rods and connecting rods. Tender is bunker type with imitation coal, hand rails and markers. Double truck, nickel journal boxes, 8 wheels. Price, $23.50. Denver and west, $24.70.

The American Flyer Locomotive 312 Pacific 4-6-2 would have had 4 leading, 6 driving, and 2 trailing wheels. The 312 was produced from 1946 to 1951. In total, there were 24 models of the Pacific 4-6-2 produced by Gilbert. The 310, 311, 312, 313, 314AW, 315, 316, and 21115 series is modeled after a specific Pennsylvania Rail Road prototype called the K-5. Only two beta versions were built as follow ons to the widely used K-4 design. The K-5’s did not deliver the increases in efficiency that the design was supposed to deliver and were scrapped very quickly after introduction (sometime in the 1930’s). American Flyer continued producing the K-5 series until the late 1950’s.

American Flyer Train Set 312 Catalog Image

Gilbert produced the American Flyer Locomotive 312 and 312AC. The primary difference between the two was one ran on DC current and one ran on both.

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