American Flyer Locomotive 315 Pennsylvania K5

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American Flyer Locomotive 315 Pennsylvania K5

American Flyer Locomotive 315 Pennsylvania K5

Catalog Description

There’s lots of fun in store for you when you open up this powerful 4-6-2 rail giant on the main line and watch her perform! Smoke puffs out of the stack realistically while steady choo-choo-choo-choo sounds keep time with the hurrying drive wheels. Now press the remote control button that blows the built-in Air Chime Whistle and hear the long, thrilling blast! Worm-drive motor provides rugged, sustained power and lots of climbing ability. 17¾″ long. Includes Smoke Capsule, Funnel, Remote Control Whistle Unit and instructions.

The American Flyer Locomotive Pacific 4-6-2 would have had 4 leading, 6 driving, and 2 trailing wheels. There were 24 models of the Pacific 4-6-2 produced by Gilbert. The 315 was produced in 1952 and was also known as the American Flyer Locomotive 315 K-5 Engine and Tender.

The American Flyer streamlined pacific (350 type along with 353, 354, and 356) is modeled after the Baltimore and Ohio locomotive that powered the train between New York and Washington DC. The series 282, 283, 285, 287, 289, 21084, 21085 is a USRA Pacific design and for American Flyer carries the Chicago Northwestern RR logo. Later some of the 21085’s were logo’d for the Milwaukee Road Railroad. The series 290, 293, 295, 21095 and 21099 is a New Haven RR Pacific design and carries that logo on the American Flyer Locomotive models. The 310, 311, 312, 313, 314AW, 315, 316, and 21115 series is modeled after a specific Pennsylvania Rail Road prototype called the K-5. Only two beta versions were built as follow ons to the widely used K-4 design. The K-5’s did not deliver the increases in efficiency that the design was supposed to deliver and were scrapped very quickly after introduction (sometime in the 1930’s). American Flyer continued producing the K-5 series until the late 1950’s.

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