American Flyer Locomotive 324AC

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American Flyer Locomotive 324AC

American Flyer Locomotive 324AC

Catalog Description

An American Flyer 3/16″ Scale Model of the powerful Locomotive made famous by the New York Central Railroad on its crack New York-Chicago and other last runs. Has 14 wheels (4-6-4), including six drivers, four ponies and four boosters. Realistic drive rod action. Smoke and Choo-Choos are synchronized to train speed. Electronic Whistle is built-in and blows by remote control. Die cast Tender is Bunker type with imitation coal. Combined length is 19″.

Price, $35.00. Denver and West, $36.75.

The American Flyer Locomotive 324AC was produced in 1950 and modeled after the New York Central Railroad line. American Flyer Hudson Locomotives had a 4-6-4 wheel arrangement would have had 4 leading, 6 driving, and 4 trailing wheels. There were 10 models of the Hudson 4-6-4 produced by Gilbert. The design was popularized by the New York Central and named after the river. Gilbert American Flyer modeled the New York Central version of the Hudson (32x series, specifically the J3A version.  They were made in batches and the J3A was the design of one of the batches).

American Flyer Hudson Models

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