American Flyer Locomotive 326 Hudson

Catalog Description

Massiveness and power are in the lines of this hefty die-cast “Hudson” locomotive, made famous by the New York Central. Has “Pull-Mor” feature that permits long car hauls and steep grade climbing. Choo-choo sounds keep time with the puffs of Red Glowing Smoke, while the built-in steam Whistle blows by remote control. 19″ long.

American Flyer Locomotive 326 Hudson

The American Flyer Locomotive 326 Hudson was produced from 1953 to 1957. The American Flyer Hudson Locomotives had a 4-6-4 wheel arrangement would have had 4 leading, 6 driving, and 4 trailing wheels. There were 10 models of the Hudson 4-6-4 produced by Gilbert. The design was popularized by the New York Central and named after the river. Gilbert American Flyer modeled the New York Central version of the Hudson (32x series, specifically the J3A version. They were made in batches and the J3A was the design of one of the batches).

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