American Flyer Locomotive 332 Union Pacific Northern

American Flyer Locomotive 332 Union Pacific Northern

American Flyer Locomotive 332 Union Pacific Northern

American Flyer Locomotive 332 Catalog Description

21 ½″ long. Union Pacific 4-8-4. Eight drive wheels, 4 wheel pony, 4 wheel booster trucks. Realistic eccentric arm triple action piston rods, side rods and connecting rods. Tender is oil type with double die-cast trucks, 12 wheels. Has hand rails and ladders.

Price $35.00
Denver and West $36.75

The American Flyer Locomotive 332 Union Pacific Northern was manufactured from 1946 to 1949 and had six versions. There were both AC and DC versions made based on the fact that World War II was taking many of the supplies required to produce AC components. To accommodate this Gilbert produced rectiformers and rectifiers to assist in converting the power types. The engine and tender had piston type smoke and choo-choo units.

Union Pacific Northern Locomotive Background


The American Flyer Northern Locomotives had a 4-8-4 wheel arrangement would have had 4 leading, 8 driving, and 4 trailing wheels. There were 8 models of the Northern 4-8-4 produced by Gilbert. The design was implemented by the Great Norther RR. New York City also had these but called them Niagara. The American Flyer Northern (33x series) is modeled after a specific Union Pacific Locomotive.

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