American Flyer Locomotive 335 & K335

American Flyer Locomotive and Tender K335

American Flyer Locomotive and Tender K335

Catalog Description

Beauty, power and performance all rolled into one! Here’s the mightiest steam locomotive in the entire American Flyer roundhouse, a thundering behemoth made to 3/16” scale from blueprints of the Union Pacific Railroad’s giant 4-8-4 “Northern” type. Like the original, this American Flyer “Smoker” is a dual-purpose locomotive, equally at home with a long freight haul or at the head end of a string of passenger cars. Couplers on Tender are new Knuckle type. Locomotive and Tender measure 21&fract12;”. Includes Smoke Capsule and Funnel plus remote control whistle unit and complete instructions.

The American Flyer Northern Locomotives had a 4-8-4 wheel arrangement would have had 4 leading, 8 driving, and 4 trailing wheels. There were 8 models of the Northern 4-8-4 produced by Gilbert. The design was implemented by the Great Norther RR. New York City also had these but called them Niagara. The American Flyer Northern (33x series) is modeled after a specific Union Pacific Locomotive.

The 335 and K335 were manufactured in 1952 and was made of metal. The train had choo-choo, smoke, and air chime whistle.

There are two distinct versions of this related to the introduction of the Knuckle Coupler. Same discussion applies to the K335 Northern. The first thousand or so locomotives of each type (and cars in the corresponding sets) had hand assembled knuckle couplers held in place with rivets. Later versions had the couplers held in place by a wrap around sheet metal holder – the type used throughout the rest of knuckle coupler production.

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