American Flyer Locomotive 355 Baldwin Diesel

American Flyer Locomotive 355 Baldwin Diesel

American Flyer Locomotive 355 Baldwin Diesel

The American Flyer Locomotive 355 Baldwin Diesel was a Chicago North Western switcher built in 1956 & 1957 and modeled from the American Flyer had three basic types of diesel trucks. Diesel naming convention moved away from the steam Whyte system and focused on Axels instead of wheels. GP7 trucks with two powered axles, PA/PB trucks with simulated three powered axles (also used on the EP-5 Electric style locomotive) and the Baldwin diesel trucks had two powered axles. The F9 may have simply used the Baldwin trucks. This would make the GP7 locomotives B-B type, the PA/PB and electric locomotives C-C type and the Baldwins, B-B type also. F9’s probably B-B as well.

American Flyer Locomotive Baldwin Diesel Variations

  • 355 CNW
  • 21801 CNW
  • 21801/21801-1
  • 21808 CNW
  • (21)812 T&P
  • 21813 M&STL
  • 21918/21918-1 Seaboard

What is a Locomotive Switcher?

A switcher is a small train engine built for short distance hauling and moving rail cars around a freight yard. Essentially, they put the train together and then a large locomotive is brought in to haul the train to its destination. Switchers are also sometimes used to make short distance runs and pick up cars on branch lines. The typical switcher is optimized for its job, being relatively low-powered but with additional traction designed to get heavy cars rolling quickly. Switching is hard work, and heavily used switch engines wear out quickly from the abuse of constant hard contacts with cars and frequent starting and stopping.

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