American Flyer Locomotive 4713 Chief

American Flyer Locomotive 4713 Chief

American Flyer Locomotive 4713 Chief

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The finest Diesel locomotive made – and now with new American Flyer Diesel “Roar”, reproducing the sound effects of real Diesel motors. Entire locomotive measures over 36 inches long and has twin motors to provide flashing speed and unlimited power. Built-in realistic Horn blows by remote control and with Pull-Mor power this big beauty can haul the longest freight or passenger train. Finished in Santa Fe R.R.

Colors: satin silver with red nose and yellow striping.

The American Flyer Locomotive 4713 Chief was produced from 1956 to 1957. Gilbert used a couple of different production numbers for this locomotive including the American Flyer Locomotive 484. This engine was model after the Santa Fe Diesel engine. American Flyer had three basic types of diesel trucks. Diesel naming convention moved away from the steam Whyte system and focused on Axels instead of wheels. GP7 trucks with two powered axles, PA/PB trucks with simulated three powered axles (also used on the EP-5 Electric style locomotive) and the Baldwin diesel trucks had two powered axles. The F9 may have simply used the Baldwin trucks. This would make the GP7 locomotives B-B type, the PA/PB and electric locomotives C-C type and the Baldwins, B-B type also. F9’s probably B-B as well. There were about 25 other PA/PB locomotives produced in the series.

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