American Flyer Loading Platform 770 Installing & Operating Instructions

This is the service bulletin furnished by the A. C. Gilbert Co. to authorized service stations to aid them in the service and repair of American Flyer equipment. Specifically, this bulletin is for the American Flyer Accessory 770 Loading Platform.

Gilbert produced the Loading Platform accessory which loaded boxes onto a box car when the baggage car pulled up. The set included the Loading Platform, control box, miniature baggage and some screws. The baggage car did not come included. The station should be connected to the American Flyer Transformer and a button used to signal the platform when the baggage car is ready to load passengers. The platform also worked with American Flyer Box Car 732 and 734.

The accessory also required the American Flyer Track 712 which was a special track section designed for the loading platform accessory. The platform could be used to load boxes or milk cans.

Instructions for Installing & Operating No. 770 Loading Platform

Instructions for Installing & Operating No. 770 Loading Platform

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