American Flyer Coal Loader 752A & 785

American Flyer Coal Loader 752A & 785

American Flyer Coal Loader 752A & 785

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Fill up your coal ears just like the big roads do with this realistic railroad yard accessory that’s brand new for ’55. Operation is 100% remote controlled. With coal ear in position beneath chute, as shown in photograph, (rolling stock illustrated is NOT included) you depress 1st control button, which closes jaws of clam—shell scoop, Bucket then carries load of imitation anthracite up to tipple and deposits coal into elevated hopper. Pressure on 2nd button releases coal, which cascades into car, while 3rd remote control button returns clam-shell bucket to coal pile for another load. Fascinating accessory to operate!

American Flyer Accessory 752A and 785 Coal Loader was considered an Operating Accessory. Operating Accessories were very interesting Gilbert pieces. Often times these models include complex mechanical and signalling components and were designed to make the train layouts even more realistic. All of these would have required additional power hook ups to American Flyer Transformers. They were different than regular accessories in that they usually were hooked up to power and had a push button or automatic track clip that made the operating accessory perform some task. In this case, the Sea Coaler would take coal and transport it to a waiting coal car.

American Flyer transitioned from a 3 part numbering system to a 5 part numbering system with the addition of an IBM computer for manufacturing and inventory tracking in the 1950’s.

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  1. George Fike

    I am constructing a computer controlled s gauge railway.
    Is there a source for the schematic of the control (button) system for the coal loader?
    G Fike

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