American Flyer Log Loader 787

American Flyer Log Loader No. 787

American Flyer Log Loader No. 787

Catalog Description

No matter what kind of layout you have, you’ll want one of these exciting new action accessories that works by push button remote control. At touch of button, hand –painted lumberman goes into action, as big hooks pick up piece of timber and lift it up ramp. When log is in position over car it is automatically released and lumberman returns quickly for another load. Although any open car can be used, accessory works best with American Flyer Lumber Car 914 car shown (NOT INCLUDED). Log Loader measures 9 7/8” long, 6 ¼” wide, 8 ½” high. Single control button is included.

The American Flyer Log Loader 787 train is designed for continuous action to provide animation on the layout. It can have logs delivered by one of the remote control log unloading cars, then reload the logs into a waiting freight car. It can also be hand loaded with fresh supplies of logs.

This is the second type of log loader in the American Flyer accessory line and replaced the earlier 751 log loader. The mechanism in the No. 787 is simpler than the earlier version and delivers smoother performance and less noise. Logs roll onto the log raiser, then the raiser hoists a log into position for the overhead mechanism to travel down the boom into position and with careful dimensions in the arrangement of the mechanism, grab the log, travel up the boom and unload the log into the waiting car.

The American Flyer Log Loader 787 is molded in plastic with a metal superstructure that supports a motor housing house and the boom for the loading crane. Positioned next to one or two spur tracks it delivers fascination action and provides loads for the American Flyer train operation.

With the 1957 transition to the 5 digit numbering system, the No. 787 Log Loader became the No. 23787 Log Loader and continued to be cataloged in 1957, 1958, 1959 and 1960.

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