American Flyer Oil Drum Loader 779

American Flyer Oil Drum Loader

American Flyer Oil Drum Loader

The American Flyer No. 779 Oil Drum Loader is one of the more fascinating Gilbert accessories. Featuring continuous action (as long as the oil drums are removed from the destination car and reloaded into the feed ramp), the “fork lift” shuttles back and forth from the loading ramp to the gondola parked on a siding next to the Loader. Each time the fork lift approaches the ramp a mechanism tilts a drum onto the fork lift. The fork lift backs up, turns around and drives across the platform and approaches a gondola parked along side. Reaching the gondola, the fork lift tips the oil drum into the gondola bed, then backs up, turns around and heads for the feed ramp for another load.

The control button for the No. 779 Oil Drum loader is equipped with the ability to switch for continuous running without the operator needing to hold the button down. The motor and mechanism are very quiet in operation and able to be operated for an extended time without overheating.

Operating the American Flyer No. 779 Oil Drum Loader is hypnotizing and can be watched for extended periods of time. Once loaded, the gondola can be picked up by a local freight and delivered to its destination on the layout, where the barrels can be removed and reloaded into the feed ramp for another trip.

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  1. Donald Junkins

    loader does not work, what to look for

    • Bill

      More detail is needed. The Oil Drum Loader has an induction motor that requires only the 15 volt post and the base post to activate it. Through some gearing, cams and levers it moves a lever back and forth between the drum chute and the dump position at another edge of the platform.

      Is it not moving the lever? Can you hear a hum from the motor? Or is the problem with the alignment of the various mechanical parts that tip a drum onto the cart and then from the cart into a waiting car?


      • Gary

        Mine just stopped working. Took it apart and found that the rubber drive belt had stretched a bit and was slipping. Any idea where to get a replacement?

        • Gary

          Found the belt at Port Lines Hobbies.

      • Tom

        I am having the same problem. The lever that moves the cart is not moving. I can hear a hum from the motor but the arm does not move.

      • Tom


        I emailed you a couple of weeks ago about trying to fix an oil drum loader I had purchased. You forwarded my email to someone named Paul who said he had the necessary rubber belt that he thought I needed. I finally found where the belt goes and wanted to purchase the belts but I cannot find his email or address. I would greatly appreciate it if you could supply me with his email.



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