American Flyer Rocket Launcher 25045

American Flyer Rocket Launcher No. 25045

American Flyer Rocket Launcher No. 25045

The American Flyer Rocket Launcher 25045 was produced from 1957 to 1960 and was considered a flat car with a knuckle coupler.The car came with an operating car trip and a remote control button. As the train pulled up the operator would push the button and the rocket would launch.

One of the more concerning aspects of this accessory seems to have been that if you fire the rocket when the train is stopped, the rocket falls back down on the train. Some have suggested one of three imaginative solutions:

  • Fire the rocket by holding down the button while the train is moving past the track trip, that way the rocket hits the train behind or destroys the track.
  • Fire the rocket in Zero Gravity for more realism.
  • Fire the rocket as a balistic missle that goes up straight until it is in the outer atmosphere at which point it heads towards its target.

The rocket launcher also came as part of the American Flyer 20425 Keystone Rocket Freight set as listed below.

American Flyer Rocket Car Production variations
American Flyer Rocket Car 969
American Flyer Rocket Transporter 24543
American Flyer Rocket Launcher 25046 (45 degree angle firing)
American Flyer Rocket Launcher 25059 (45 degree angle firing)

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